Raleighs Pretty Music


Michael Jones II aka Stricken is a long silver haired Pretty Music DJ based out of the Raleigh area. Since entering into the world of public with his style of ever flowing sets, he has been telling stories with sounds across NC. Loving Burning Man and its culture, Stricken has played in sound camps ranging from Duck Pond at Burning Man to DAMM camp at Transformus. With a head filled to overflowing with sounds, he has produced a single 6-song album to date (with a special re-meow-ster by DJ Gon himself), and is currently working on more projects. Outside of DJ’ing and producing, he is a father (son born on August 1, 2017) and has a beautiful fire breathing kitteh dragon wifey. Most of his time is spent between work and family, but he can be caught wandering around music shows of all type or hosting open-decks in his house.

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